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Eighty Ninth Championship Show 22nd April 2011

My sincere thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge at this great club and in particular the exhibitors who accepted my decisions graciously and in a sporting manner. The hospitality was second to none which made my stay a pleasurable one, thank you.

John Ryder, 22nd April 2011

Baby Puppy Dog 1st
Lee, Zaharastaff Assume Nothing
A pleasing puppy developing nicely, well shaped head with the necessary attributes moved ok.
Reeders, Gamester Crime Fighter
Developing nicely, clean skull, dark round eye, nice expression, neat and tidy front.
Cairns + Hanley, Solidrock Pyromaniac
Nice size for age, enough head, good eye, muzzle, neck and shoulder.
Minor Puppy DOG 1st
Carroll, Dreamcatcher A League Of His Own
Nice size for age, enough head, good eye, muzzle, neck and shoulder, nice body shape, moved and handled well.
Carroll + Darragh, Dreamcatcher He's Contagious
All the same virtues as one but preferred ring presence of one.
Bowering, Britishpride The Duke
Same virtues as one + two but one + two had better heads and expressions.
Puppy Dog 1st
Treadwell, Borstaff Gollygosh By George
Well up to size, good head, eye and bite, neat ears, correct neck and front, good bone and body for age, good brisket and rib, rear quarters and muscle tone.
Crosby, Staffbach Fully Armed
A young dog that had a balanced outline, good head but a bit fleshy, good expression, sound construction.
Elloy, Jehard Ebenza Scrooge
A strong pup with good head + eye placement, good neck, a bit long in the back.
Junior Dog 1st
Stanley, Stanbury Strike Havoc
A young dog presenting a balanced profile, strong head with well-developed cheek muscles, well set ears, good mouth, tight lips, good reach of neck, well laid shoulder placement, good feet, short coupled strong hindquarters, moved well R.C.C
Roebig, Bxact Smooth Operator
A very similar type to 1 but need to mature and tighten up.
Smid + Hughes, Warmaster Take A Shot
Another one with the same type that will change places on another day.
Intermediate Dog 1st
Sing, Ch Challenger Dirty Bertie
Good conformation well-proportioned head with eyes and ears well set giving a good expression mouth correct with well-developed cheek muscles, straight front, nicely angulated shoulders, short coupled, handled well.
Osborne, Ch Pepstaff Latest News
Good balance and substance, well-proportioned head, good eye and expression, handled well.
Saunders + Stevens, Krazystaff The Ultimate
Good head and expression, short neck, nice lay of shoulder, good front, short coupled, moved with drive.
Australian Bred Dog 1st
Amos, Verysharp Shoeless Joe Jackson
He has a good head shape, round eyes ideally set, keen expression correct dentition with good size teeth strong under jaw, tidy front and nicely developed brisket, good ribcage, short coupled with a defined waistline, strong hindquarters, handled well.
Lee, Ch Powerpaws Just Do It
Shapely head, clean muzzle, scissor bite, neat ear carriage, sound in body, level topline, good spring of rib, straight front, strong hams, moved well.
Heselden, Ch Wiltshire Just Cruzin
Very much the same as 2nd preferred head of second.
Open Dog 1st
Frazer, Ch Highbourne Dancing Brave
This dog is right out of the top drawer and in great condition, powerful shapely head, clean muzzle, correct bite, dark round expressive eyes, small neat ears, short neck, level top line, good spring of rib with a good tuck up in the loin area, good front, strong muscular hindquarters, turn at the stifle joint, tight feet, thick pads, this is my type of dog, well done D.CC and Runner up Best in Show
Laws, Aust/nz Ch Shkiri Don't Ask
Another dog of quality, strong head, good body, good spring of rib, well handled.
Birkeland, Ch Jamelkur Street Lethal
Very much the same as 2nd but carried a bit too much weight.
Baby Bitch 1st
McBride, Brohez Black Art
Nice feminine head, neat ears, nice stop, very good expression, the body properties are there to show good construction for her age.
McBride, Brohez Dakota Diva
She is the sister to the 1st with the same qualities but preferred the expression of 1st.
Saunders + Stevens, Krazystaff Wotta Babe
Nice head, neat ears, good neck and well-made shoulders, moved ok for age
Minor Bitch 1st
Boland, Justaffied Black Ash
Well shaped head with dark eye, well defined stop, neat ear carriage, promising body shape, good bend of stifle, feet well padded, good pigmentation.
O'dea, Bullrustin Enigmarose
Good feminine head, body shape, nice size, moved and handled well..
Hudson, Bullrustin Hidden Decision
Very much the same as 2nd.
Puppy Bitch 1st
Kavanagh, Alport Black Diamond
This bitch has many qualities, lovely head shape, very clean throughout, neat ears used to her advantage, wicked expression, dark round eyes, good under jaw and muzzle, good straight front, moved and handled very well, should have a bright future. B.P.I.S
Abela + Hesalden, Joydivision The Perfect Kiss
A nice developing head, well placed dark eye, fine ears, stands on good legs and feet, nicely balanced, sound quarters, well let down, moved well for a puppy
Raymond, Warbred Gypsy Rose Lee
A pleasing pup with a lot going for her
Junior Bitch 1st
Raymond, Pickaxe Dizzy Lizzy
Good shape and weight of bone, compact body, well defined hindquarters, well balanced, good conformation, clean head, and correct length of muzzle with clean lips, shown and handled well.
Frazer, Highbourne Magic Of Sydney
Another very nice bitch with the same attributes as 1st and their places will change show by show.
Brooks, Brookshire Lady Cassandra
Feminine head, dark round eye, clean muzzle, straight front, nice balanced bitch.
Intermediate Bitch 1st
Bisman, Transtaff Bring On
A well-presented bitch, good head shape, dark round eye, plenty of stop, correctly laid shoulders, ample bone straight front, good spring of rib, showing overall balance.
Crawford, Angusstaff Devils Rose
Nice headed bitch, deep through skull nice stop, ok ears, good neck, nicely placed shoulders, adequate bone, nice spring of rib, short coupled, nice bend at the stifle, moved well.
Jolly, Ch Steelback Miss Moonshine
She has many of the same qualities of 1st + 2nd but a bit longer in the back.
Australian Bred Bitch 1st
Hockey, Ch Redlabal Star Of Demibeau
What a star, this would be the one that I would take home. This red + white pied presented in top form, absolutely correct blend of bull and terrier and bred type, powerful deep through skull and wonderful expression, ample depth of stop short foreface and good under jaw and perfect bite, neat ears all carried on a powerful arched neck, well laid back shoulders and wide straight front, ample bone, excellent spring of rib with level top line maintained on the move, stood four square and had sound driving movement. Well done B.C.C + B.I.S
Yavion, Wironastaff Ultra Hot
A sound bitch with strong but feminine head showing no weakness, keen expression, ample strength of jaw, good neck, clean shoulders, straight front, well sprung rib, level top line and moved well.
Todd, Tussler Fleur De Lis
Very good smart bitch, good head, dark round eye, pleasing body properties, well ribbed, god bend of stifle, handled well.
Amos, Verysharp A Real Deal
Hockey, Ch Redlabal Star Of Demibeau
Another bitch from the top drawer who was unlucky to be in the final line up with the CC bitch, strong feminine skull, deep through with dark eye, pronounced cheek muscles, beautiful expression, neat ears, well muscled body, level top line, straight well boned front, good hindquarters, moved well, well deserved R.C.C
Frazer, GR.Ch Rayonnoire Canny Bairn
Yet another top bitch witch made it a hard decision with 1st, well presented bitch with textbook head shape dark round eye, plenty of stop, correctly laid shoulders, ample bone, straight front and well padded feet, good spring of rib, showing overall balance.
Roebig, Ch Joden Temptress
A well put together bitch with many of the qualities of 1st + 2nd.

General specials Saturday Judge : John Ryder


Ch Redlabal Star of Demi Beau


Ch Highbourne Dancing Brave

Baby in show and opposite
Minor in show and opposite
Puppy in show and opposite
Junior in show
Intermediate in show and opposite
Australian Bred in Show and opposite
Open in Show and opposite

Special Classes Judge : Mr K Howard

Best Young Australian
Roughstock Undeniable Realty
Yvonne Reeder Memorial Champion Class
Ch Waurstafford Eithne
Parent and offspring : judge J Ryder
Sire Gr Ch Castlebar Crown jester
Bred by Exhibitor